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HOURS: Mon-Tues: 9am-8pm | Wed: 12pm-8pm | Thurs: 9am-8pm | Fri: 9am-7pm | Sat: 8am-3pm
   Address 206 Deo Drive, Newark, Ohio 43055

Hair Services

*Services noted (+) are subject to additional cost.

Women's Haircuts and Styling

Associate Stylist
$ 30
Senior Stylist
$ 37
Master Stylist
$ 43

Junior Girls Cuts and Style

Associate Stylist
$ 25
Senior Stylist
$ 32
Master Stylist
$ 38

Men's Cuts and Style

Associate Stylist
$ 22
Senior or Master Stylist
$ 25

Children's Cuts (5 & Under)

Children's Cut
$ 18

No shampoo or blow dry, Trim only


Blow dry & basic style
$ 25
Blow out- starting at
$ 35
Special Occasion- starting at
$ 65

*All haircuts and styling are subject to additional costs based upon the amount of hair and difficulty of style.

*All adult haircuts include a shampoo and basic style

*Please note that children’s cuts do not include a shampoo or style.  If you would like your child’s hair washed/styled please schedule a Women’s cut.

Color Services

All over color
$ 65+

root to end color, single color

Root retouch
$ 58+

root retouch, single color

Mini foil (up to 10 foils)
$ 57
Toning- with another color service
$ 15+

Color Services- Hi Impacts Foiling

Associate Stylist
$ 105+

Foiling of Highlights or Lowlights placed all throughout your hair in a heavy concentration, which will let you achieve the lightest possible result or color saturation.

Senior Stylist
$ 110+
Master Stylist
$ 120+

Color Services- All Over Foils (Approximately 50 foils)

Associate Stylist
$ 85+

All over foiling of Highlights or Lowlights means foils will be placed throughout your hair. A full head of foils is most common for a highlighted look with your natural color still visible. Includes a basic blow dry and style. Excessive hair or color usage may be up charged.

Senior Stylist
$ 90+
Master Stylist
$ 100+

Color Services- Partial Foil (UP TO 25 FOILS)

Associate Stylist
$ 70+
Senior Stylist
$ 65+
Master Stylist
$ 60+

Special Color Techniques

Balayage, Ombre and Special Color Techniques
Associate Stylist
$ 110+
Senior Stylist
$ 115+
Master Stylist
$ 120+

*All color services include a blow dry and basic style

*All prices are subject to change


k. Therapy Repair
$ 20

Reconstructs the protective layer of the hair to minimize breakage and dehydration. Leaves hair strong and shiny.

k. Therapy Peeling
$ 20

Eliminates the micro-organisms responsible for dandruff. Neutralizes and balances the scalp.

k. Therapy Purifying
$ 20

Balances excess sebum. Cleanses and purifies the scalp. Leaves hair feeling light and voluminous.

Olaplex Strengthening
$ 25

This patented single active ingredient treatment works on a molecular level to restore broken hair bonds.

Olaplex Add-In
$ 18

Added in to your color or chemical service for the ultimate breakage insurance.

Repair Mask
$ 5

Promotes cell regeneration leaving your hair manageable, shiny and healthy

Intensive Repair Mask
$ 12

Repair mask with added intensive Argan oil. Repairs hair while adding intense shine, increased manageability, elasticity and smoothness

Shine Fusion
$ 15

Illuminating shine treatment that helps detangle the hair instantly leaving it soft and shiny, reduces dry time, and helps protect the hair from heat. Last up to 8 washes

Texture services- Permanents

$ 75+
Specialty Permanent
$ 95+
GK Keratin Smoothing Treatment
$ 275+

Adds shine, removes frizz and curl. Last up to 5 months. Includes GK shampoo and conditioner. Requires $50 deposit

Texture Services- Cezanne Hair Smoothing Treatments

Removes frizz, fights humidity, repairs damaged hair, softens curl, adds shine and reduces blow dry and style time

When added to haircut or color service
$ 45

Lasts up to 4 weeks

Cezanne Instant Frizz Eliminator
$ 75

Removes frizz, fights humidity, repairs damaged hair, softens curl, adds shine and reduces blow dry time

Cezanne Express
$ 175

Last up to 8 weeks, includes Cezanne Travel shampoo and Conditioner

Cezanne Classic
$ 275

Last up to 5 months, includes Cezanne Shampoo and conditioner

*Blow dry and style are not included with treatments

*Keratin smoothing treatments actually improve the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.